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Applying for a NEVO VET Course

Students from the following North East Adelaide schools may apply for NEVO VET Courses:

DECD Schools;

  • Banksia Park International High School;
  • Golden Grove High School;
  • Modbury High School;
  • Roma Mitchell Secondary College;
  • The Heights School;
  • Valley View Secondary School;
  • Windsor Gardens Secondary College.
  • Youth Education Centre - Flexicentre

Non-DECD Schools;

  • Gleeson College
  • St Paul's College.

How to Apply for NEVO-VET Courses.

Step 1 – Read the brief information in the Trade School for the Future NEVO brochure.

Step 2 – Read the detailed NEVO-VET Course information for the course or courses of interest and encourage caregivers to read this too. This information is available for each course, under NEVO-VET Courses or MENU to your right.

Step 3 – Download and fill in an Expression of Interest Form. This form needs to be forwarded to the Home School VET Coordinator for an interview appointment.

Step 4 –  All the information necessary will be provided at the interview along with a NEVO Enrolment Form, which must be signed by caregivers, the student and the VET Coordinator. This will then be forwarded to the Trade school for the Future, Senior Leader and Host School for approval of acceptance. Selection for entry to NEVO-VET Courses will be based on the following principles:

  • Demonstrate capacity for independent learning and meeting the requirements of the course.
  •  Identified relevant interest and/or experience in the course.
  • All students must have a Unique Student Identifier number - How to Create USI steps. -

Step 5 – The Home School VET Coordinator will advise Applicants of the enrolment outcome during term 4.

Step 6 – Applicants may need some further subject counselling at their Home school to ensure that the NEVO-VET Course is included in their SACE and their timetable.

Download the NEVO Expression of Interest Form (Full Year).

Download the NEVO Expression of Interest Form (Semester).

Download the NEVO Brochure

Member Schools

  • Banksia Park International High School
  • Gleeson College
  • Golden Grove High School
  • Modbury High School
  • Roma Mitchell Secondary College
  • St Paul's College
  • The Heights School
  • Valley View Secondary School
  • Windsor Gardens B-12 School
  • Youth Education Centre - Flexicentre

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