What is an Apprenticeship Broker?

Apprenticeship Brokers are employed by the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) as part of the Trade Schools for the Future strategy. They provide a service within a cluster of DECD secondary schools. The role is to facilitate school-based apprenticeships between students, parents/caregivers, employers, schools and Registered Training Organisations. This involves case management, negotiation of work days or hours and a review of students school timetables and SACE completion.

The North East Adelaide Trade School for the Future has one Apprenticeship Broker, Natalie Lynch.

Natalie works closely with students, school staff and parents/caregivers to connect students with employers to establish School-Based Apprenticeships.

How can I meet with an Apprenticeship Broker?

Year 10,11 or 12 students from DECD secondary schools in the North East Adelaide Trade School for the Future cluster (and their parents/caregivers) can arrange a meeting with the Apprenticeship Broker. Students can contact their school's VET Coordinator to arrange a meeting.

How can I contact the Apprenticeship Broker?

Natalie Lynch is available at the following location.

North East Adelaide Trade School for the Future

Windsor Gardens B-12 School
McKay Ave.
Windsor Gardens
Phone: 8261 2733
Fax: 8261 0827
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Member Schools

  • Banksia Park International High School
  • Gleeson College
  • Golden Grove High School
  • Modbury High School
  • Roma Mitchell Secondary College
  • St Paul's College
  • The Heights School
  • Valley View Secondary School
  • Windsor Gardens B-12 School
  • Youth Education Centre - Flexicentre

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