What is VET?

VET (Vocational Education and Training) refers to national vocational qualifications which are endorsed by industry. VET qualifications provide opportunities  for students to develop specific industry-related skills. Students with VET qualifications are well prepared to take on apprenticeships (including School Based Apprenticeships) further education and training and skilled employment.

What are NEVO-VET courses?

NEVO-VET courses provide students in years 10, 11 and 12 in the North Eastern Adelaide area with increased vocational pathway options through a broad range of choices in VET courses. NEVO courses are hosted by schools and Registered Training Organisations (RTO's). Students remain enrolled at their Home School and attend the Host School or RTO for their chosen VET course.

What are the benefits of choosing VET?

Some of the benefits are;

  • Gaining a nationally-recognised qualification while completing SACE;
  • Getting a 'head start' in your chosen career;
  • Making senior school study more relevant and interesting;
  • Providing opportunities to acquire 'on-the-job' experience through workplace learning;
  • Gaining the skills and knowledge which employers look for;
  • Providing pathways into apprenticeships, traineeships (including School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships), further education or training, and direct employment.

Will I have to pay to participate in a NEVO course?

Students from DECD and non-DECD schools who wish to apply for NEVO-VET courses will need to discuss course costs and their school’s VET payment policy with their VET Coordinator.

However, some courses may have specific equipment or materials which must be purchased, e.g. steel-capped boots or equipment which becomes the student's personal property. Please see the detailed information for each course on this website.

Will I need to do some workplace learning as part of my NEVO-VET course?

Many NEVO-VET Courses require students to undertake Structured Workplace Learning (SWL). This involves learning opportunities related to the NEVO VET Course in a real or simulated workplace. These placements provide on-the-job training and mentoring to develop technical skills and the capacity to be employed. SWL also provides opportunities for on-the-job assessment as part of the NEVO-VET Course. Before participating in Workplace Learning a Workplace Learning Agreement form must be completed, which needs to be signed by the Home School Principal, Care Givers, the student and the workplace employer.

How will I travel to my VET course?

In most cases, students will be required to arrange their own transport to VET courses and workplace learning. Speak to your VET Coordinator to find out what assistance is available from your Home School.

Can the NEVO-VET course count towards my SACE?

The flexibility of the SACE enables students to include a significant amount of VET in their SACE studies. The SACE credit information is shown in each VET Course. Students should refer to the information in the NEVO brochure and also on our website ( under NEVO-VET Courses. Students should also speak to their VET Coordinator for more information about VET in the SACE, or visit the SACE Board

Will doing a NEVO-VET course affect my other subjects?

Some students may miss lessons in other subjects while at their VET course. This will depend upon the timetable, the VET course the student is enrolled in, and the number of other subjects being studied at the Home School. This means that students will need to be well organised and prepared to negotiate subject learning requirements by working closely with their subject teachers and VET Coordinator.

On completion of a NEVO-VET Course, students wishing to continue their training pathway can do so through a School-Based Apprenticeship where students can discuss their options with the Apprenticeship Broker. For more information, see the School-Based Apprenticeships page.

The Training Guarantee for SACE Students (TGSS), where SACE students can undertake VET training at an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in certain qualifications, provides a guaranteed training place to finish the qualifications they have started after completing SACE. For more information, speak to the VET Coordinator about completing an application Education and Training Plan and visit

Who can I speak to about a NEVO-VET course?

Contact your VET Coordinator for more information.

How do I apply for a NEVO-VET course?

Read the brief information in the Trade School for the Future NEVO brochure.

Read the detailed NEVO-VET Course information for the course or courses of interest and encourage  caregivers to read this too. This information is available for each course on the NEVO-VET Courses page.

Download  Expression of Interest Form from the Apply Now! page and fill it in. This form needs to be forwarded to the Home School VET Coordinator for an interview appointment.

All the information will be provided at the interview and on the NEVO Enrolment Form. This must be signed by your caregivers, the student and the VET Coordinator. This will then be forwarded to the Trade school for the Future, Senior Leader and Host School for approval of acceptance. Selection for entry to NEVO-VET Courses will be based on the following principles; a demonstrated capacity for independent learning and meeting the requirements of the course; identified relevant interests and/or experience in the course.

The Home School VET Coordinator will advise applicants of the success of their enrolment in term 4.

Applicant may need some further subject counselling at their Home school to ensure that the NEVO-VET Course is included in their SACE and timetable.

Go to the Apply Now! page for more information.

NEVO-VET Courses by Industry

Download the NEVO - VET Brochure 

Member Schools

  • Banksia Park International High School
  • Gleeson College
  • Golden Grove High School
  • Modbury High School
  • Roma Mitchell Secondary College
  • St Paul's College
  • The Heights School
  • Valley View Secondary School
  • Windsor Gardens B-12 School
  • Youth Education Centre - Flexicentre

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