About Vet & SACE

The flexibility of the SACE enables students to include a significant amount of VET in their SACE studies. This will help students to build pathways in the SACE through VET, and will encourage students to complete VET qualifications and experience a career pathway while completing SACE.

Benefits of choosing a NEVO VET Course:
  • Gaining a nationally recognised qualification while completing your SACE.
  • Getting a head start in your chosen career.
  • Making your senior school study more relevant and interesting.
  • Providing opportunities to learn ‘on the job’ through workplace learning.
  • Gaining the skills and knowledge that employers look for.
  • Providing pathways into apprenticeships, traineeships (including School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships) further education, training and direct employment.

Each course offered through NEVO, provides SACE information relevant to that particular VET course (i.e. number of SACE credits and SACE stage). Please refer to the detailed information provided about each course on this website.

To access Career Research, please check the Career Development drop down on this website for assistance.

The SACE Planner may assist you to plan your SACE program, including your chosen VET course.

SACE Information


For more information on VET and SACE, please check the SACE Board website: