The administration hub, for the North East Adelaide Vocational Pathways To Employment is Valley View Secondary School.

North East Adelaide Vocational Pathways To Employment will provide access to learning that leads to jobs in building and construction, electro-technology, child studies and community services, creative industries and other industry sectors in the region where there is a growing demand for skilled workers.

Please note that this programme is available only to DFE secondary school students.

The North East Adelaide Vocational Pathways To Employment, Apprenticeship Officer is based at Golden Grove High School and links students to traineeships and apprenticeships, including School-based Apprenticeships/Traineeships and Flexible Apprenticeship.

North East Adelaide Vocational Pathways To Employment is a partnership between Government, Schools, TAFE and other Vocational Education providers and employers, working together to provide a better future for our children and the State. By talking to our experienced Apprenticeship Officer you can find a student who is studying subjects related to your industry needs. And by taking on a School Based Apprentice/Trainee or Flexible Apprentice you can address your skills needs from the moment the student starts work.

After the students complete their schooling, you can expect motivated, trained and work-ready employees who know your business and are keen to stay in the industry. This may reduce your recruitment costs, saving you valuable training time and increasing the likelihood that productive young workers will quickly repay your investment in them.

Talk with our Apprenticeship Officer about the specific educational needs of young people starting in your industry so that your future employees are better prepared to meet your business needs.

If you are interested in making this investment in your business and being an active supporter of the program, please contact the ‘School to Work’ Apprenticeships Officer.


Secondary students will be enrolled at their local school while they access specialist courses in the industry area they select through North East Adelaide Vocational Occupations (NEVO).

By working with our experienced Apprenticeship Officer to adapt their studies to the needs of future employers, your son or daughter will increase the likelihood of satisfying future employment in an industry with long-term prospects. The school study may be linked to an Apprenticeship, including a School-based Apprenticeships/Traineeships or a Flexible Apprenticeship.

The Apprenticeship Officer also makes sure that contracts of training for young people are fair and reasonable for everyone involved. They work to increase the number of apprenticeships and skilled job opportunities for all VET students.

For more information about the programme please contact the Apprenticeship Officer.

School Industry Liaison Officer
David Smith
Mobile: 0407 948 591

Expression Of Interest - School Based Apprenticeship

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